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A/C Repair & Maintenance

At First Class Auto our professional technicians are ready to take care of any problem your cars cooling system may have. We repair radiators, water pumps, reservoirs, thermostats, hoses, etc. and using the proper fluids your European or Domestic vehicle meeting specification.

Changing your antifreeze is just like changing your oil. The coolant wears out and needs to be changed to prevent corrosion and sulfur which leads to the breakdown of your system components. This will help prolong the life of your heating and cooling system and prevent costly future repairs. At First Class Auto located in Hannibal, NY we have all the proper equipment to conduct a coolant flush.

At least twice a year, your heating and cooling system should be inspected. Don’t risk your car overheating due to fluid loss, faulty thermostat assembly, corrosion, water pump failure, radiator leaks or other problems. You drive a fine automobile make sure you get the life of your car by having your cooling system inspected by First Class Auto on your next visit.

Common symptoms of cooling problems;

  • Car temperature gauge rises above normal.
  • Smoke coming from engine.
  • A/C stops sending cold air.
  • Green or red liquid on the floor by front of car.
  • Cooling fan does not stop running.
  • Cooling fan does not turn on.

These are just a few symptoms and are not to be ignored as a simple fix could turn into major repairs if there not detected on time. As soon as you see or feel any of these symptoms contact First Class Auto to guide you through the proper steps to fix your vehicle without any further damage. If the car is overheating stop immediately! A tow truck is way cheaper than blowing your head gaskets.

Radiator service for your car will depend on a lot of factors. The cooling components of your automobile are a sealed system and only require periodic maintenance for proper

operation. Engine coolant or anti-freeze concentration is vital to the components of the cooling system and is a factor worthy of consideration. In European vehicle the sophistication in building these cars also has to do with using the proper fluids that meet specifications. A radiator flush may not be necessary for new model cars (not at least after a couple of years) but old model vehicles would have to undergo flushing and radiator cleaning as the accumulation of rust and debris may be detrimental to the performance of the engine cooling system. Service would also depend on the condition of your radiator. The presence of leaks and cracked hoses should be inspected by our certified technicians at the soonest possible time especially with the rough weather conditions in Upstate NY.

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