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First things first:

Check to make sure your gas cap is on and give it a few more clicks to tighten it up. If that doesn’t work, head to FIRST CLASS AUTO, it’s always a good idea to get a professional to diagnose the problem.  A few of the above items are inexpensive to fix. While others are more expensive, it’s still important to get them taken care of. Even though the car could be driving just fine, you may be wasting fuel, putting out lots of pollution and damaging the engine. One sign of immediate attention is if the check engine light is flashing on and off. This is telling you that the problem is in need of urgent attention before major damage is done.

Whatever you do, don’t lazily slap a piece of black electrical tape over it and go about your business. Cars just need a little love from time to time to stay in good shape, and neglecting a minor issue could lead to bigger problems down the road.

The check engine light is one of the most frustrating and confusing facets of owning a vehicle. It’s just a light with no information telling you what the problem is.

Unless your car starts smoking or stalls completely head over to FIRST CLASS AUTO and have our service technicians run a diagnostic to find the cause of the check engine light. Once here we will plug a computer underneath your dashboards OBD connector and read back a code stating what is going on with your vehicle. Which than will give us some direction on which components need to be tested to find the problem. If your vehicle is stalling or simply shut off take advantage of our commercial accounts with our private towing companies to get you over to the shop at a reasonable price.

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